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NOMA HILFE – 4myHealth helps

In countries with high rates of malnutrition and protein deficiency, germs, which usually do not cause disease, can spread rapidly and lead to devastating disfigurement. Noma is one of these diseases. The effects of Noma on infants and young children who no longer breastfeed are particularly severe. These children are unable to develop the appropriate […]

A doctor is also an entrepreneur

Take care of the pence and the pounds will take care of themselves! As a fully trained doctor, you have probably completed one of the longest periods of studying possible. In Austria, medical school lasts at least 12 semesters and is already the longest university degree offered in the country. This is followed up by […]

Digital medical history in the waiting room

Digitization is already an ongoing part of our everyday lives. We use our smartphone all the time. We check the news, chat, look at photos, and surf the web with our small devices or tablets. We are familiar with using these devices and even the “older generation” can make very good use of them. In […]