A combination that couldn’t be more different. Developers who rise up to every challenge. Creative designers whose goal is to create visually appealing software that is easy to use. Solid business and management science experts who think about a doctor as an entrepreneur. And sales people who are happy when a doctor challenges them with an idea that challenges the entire team and leads to the next innovation. Our team takes its tasks very seriously and is aware of the responsibility involved in processing and managing patient information. 4myHealth continues to grow with employees who bring that certain „something“ with them: Fun, professionalism, and an innovative spirit. NEW MINDS – NEW IDEAS

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Our story

At first, we listened. Then came the ideas, which we implemented with smartphones, tablets and new web technologies. The founding team of 4myHealth quickly understood what doctors needed and collaborated with the right people to develop one of the most modern and advanced patient management software systems. Since then, doctors have been part of our success as partners. And there will be more.

Today more and more physicians use modern technologies and strive to be independent of different platforms. 4myHealth allows a physician to no longer worry about hardware acquisition, maintenance, program updates, and data backups.

4myHealth has also become known outside of Austria. International large and medium-sized practices are joining the platform as we speak. Our team has expanded and we are constantly implementing new ideas to help our customers and partners simplify their work processes. The 4myHealth team has many things on the horizon. Join us on our journey!