How cloud-based solutions can make work easier

You’ve probably already heard or read a lot about the cloud. It’s often daunting to think about where our data is stored even though we’re using cloud applications on a daily basis. Every time our smartphone is switched on, countless cloud services become active. We are happy to take advantage of the many benefits: no data backup and no need to worry about how to connect the application to check the weather or the news. You might be surprised to know that a chat app using a so-called messaging service is a cloud application!

The cloud hasn’t arrived in many medical practices yet.

You probably already have a patient management software in your practice that can probably manage appointments, patients, and billing. It’s probably installed on a Windows or an Apple computer and there’s another device such as a server somewhere in your office. You probably have to back up your data every day and make sure that this device is always on. You probably have to constantly install updates and protect yourself against viruses and other risks. What do you do if there are fire, a flood, a burglary, or your server or storage device overheats containing all your important data?

In the 1990s and 2000s, software technology was used to program applications that had to be installed on local PCs or laptops. We all know these programs (MS-DOS is still known to many). The program had to be started on the PC, it then fetched the data from the local server in medical practice and saved the new data in the same place. Everything that remained in the office was considered safe and stable.

So what are the disadvantages now and why should you change your current system?

The advantages are obvious. Your data is always accessible from anywhere and from any device. It is safe and you don’t need to incur additional costs by hiring your own IT technicians. It is now possible to run a program without any software installation that can do everything the old one could do. You no longer need to be interested in which Windows version or which server with how much memory and CPU power. It is no longer even relevant where you are, whether you’re in the office in Innsbruck or Graz or even somewhere abroad. Why should you invest in computers that sit somewhere in the office, which is probably not GDPR compliant, and has an IT technician come every few months to update something? Who is actually interested in IT technical details when you can get a simple and stable service which is available everywhere?

Welcome to the cloud application for medical practices!

Take care of your patients and let yourself be supported by a service and not by complex IT. Access your data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, worldwide, securely and without any software installation, ongoing data backups, and program crashes. Work at multiple locations in your practice and share information with colleagues or employees in real time. Use new technologies to give your patients the service they deserve.

Encrypted data storage, ongoing data backups, protection against power failure, water, fire, theft, and unauthorized access coupled with scalable performance – this is only possible with a cloud solution in a certified data center and 4myHealth offers this to all customers.

Software installation was yesterday – service is today!