A doctor is also an entrepreneur

Take care of the pence and the pounds will take care of themselves!

As a fully trained doctor, you have probably completed one of the longest periods of studying possible. In Austria, medical school lasts at least 12 semesters and is already the longest university degree offered in the country. This is followed up by regular and/or specialist training. Only then – apart from dentists – can you become a doctor with your own practice. And while you’ve singularly focused on medicine, all of a sudden, you need to become an entrepreneur when you open your own practice.

New topics that you’ve had little exposure to become important. Knowledge of accounting, taxes, calculations, etc. are now necessary and demand a high level of knowledge. Fortunately, there is often helpful in your circle of friends. There are also special advisors who can help you establish your own practice and tax experts who can guide you about starting your business as a sole proprietorship.

So how does 4myHealth help you when you’re just starting your practice but also as it grows? 4myHealth is not just about optimizing your practice’s workflow, it also supports you as an entrepreneur in your business activities. You will have an exact overview of your income on an ongoing basis. If payments from patients are overdue, you can simply send them a reminder or a warning in the event of a further delay. In general, you can export all your transactions and send them to your tax accountant for processing or upload them directly to your accounting software. You can also manage your cash income and expenses in your own cash book and make this available to your accounting department as part of your monthly financial statements.

We have developed our software with doctors and entrepreneurs for doctors as entrepreneurs. Want to learn more about other helpful features? We look forward to hearing from you!